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Leather Cleaning

Done-by-hand leather cleaning that will have your leather looking like new.

Leather Restoration

Quality leather restoration that will bring your leather goods back to life.

Leather Repair

Damaged leather? No problem! Contact us to see how we can help.

Leather Supplies

We're proud to provide top-quality leather supplies, including tools and care products.

Procurement Service

Looking for something special? Our suppliers are your suppliers with our personal procurement service. Contact us for details.

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The World of Leather

man with leather shoes showing one cleaned and restored and the other before restoration

The Value of Leather Restoration

A lot of people ask the same question: what is leather restoration and how does it work? This is because of the simple fact that not all leather items are the same, and some of them have very different needs than others. If you are thinking about buying leather furniture or other leather items, but […]


The Importance of Keeping Leather Clean

Leather is one of those materials that has been used throughout history for its many valuable qualities and is often used to make clothing, gloves, boots, and bags; not to mention luxurious accessories, such as wallets, belts, and jackets. The fact that leather is durable, attractive, and strong means that it is also very resistant […]


A Brief History of the Cowboy Boot

Though its origin is uncertain, the iconic cowboy boot became an American cultural mainstay. To this day, cowboy boots are everything from a fashion statement to practical, hard-worn footwear. Regardless of their form or function, these boots are known and loved all over the world.