About Us

close up of a shoemaker working with leather on workbench

A Veteran Owned Small Business With Small-Town Values

What To Know About Us:

We’re in this to create passion projects. Whether it’s passion for living, passion about how our products look, or passion for the craft of making them. A passion for preserving the past. A passion to create the future. Born in Texas, Gold Line Leatherworks is committed to delivering both old-world quality and sophisticated designs, with a passion that only one individual can bring to the table. No machinery can match a the sweat and love that a true craftsman pours into his work. We use only high-quality leathers and materials to bring everything we make to life. It’s our goal to create quality products for years to come, and every sale goes back into the business with that in mind. Whether it means new tools, more supplies, or more exotic materials, every dollar that we make goes right back to delivering excellence to you.

Quality. Honesty. Simplicity.